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CHECK OUT OUR newest vertical Wall dance

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TEMPO is a vertical wall dance performance against a vertical stage. A mix of wall dance, video projection, live music and play.

TEMPO, what is it about?
TEMPO is an acrobatic wall dance performance by Bencha Theater, about the acceleration of time under the influence of technological innovation, and how we can use this innovation to bend time instead of being swallowed up by it.

The digital express train that we cannot escape nowadays, unnoticed, slurps away a lot of our attention, so that we often rush past and miss precious moments.

In TEMPO, dancers and acrobatic dancers take on the challenge of the vertical wall dance together. Inspired by the story Momo and the time savers, a book by Michael Ende, and in the performance we investigate the possibilities and impossibilities in the field of time in dance on the basis of a vertical playing field. Against the wall of a building in the city, dance, physical strength, apparent weightlessness and subtle forms of cooperation and trust form a world that sparks the imagination of the viewer. Video images, projected on the vertical stage, and a mix of modern and classical music are an integral part of the performance.​



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